Petalwink the Fairy®


Good Things Come on Tiny Wings

Attribute: Whole-hearted
Role/Function: Flower Fairy; cares for buds, blossoms & growing things
Personality traits: Earnest, funny, clumsy, sweet, generous, creative, kind, enthusiastic
First response: Enthusiasm

...She is a periwinkle-haired fairy who is looking for you!
She loves who you are and sees all the good you do.
(Petalwink knows there's nothing more fun
than doing a good deed where good needs to be done...
email Pwink your good deeds done!)
Petalwink the Fairy is your special new friend,
Even in hard times, she shines good without end.
She is tiny enough to fit in your hand,
But into your heart is where she will land.
She comes from your own yard, in a secret place
From a magical forest, to a state of grace.
She tickles your fancy and brightens your smile
She makes one small step and it takes you a mile
She is the whisper that says "Don't give up!"
She is the magic that tops off your cup.
She is laughter and hope, the dreams you adore;
She inspires your kindness and helps you do more.
Petalwink will always play with you and have fun,
She'll be by your side until every day is done.
That song you can hear? It comes from your heart--
It's Petalwink singing: "We're never apart!"


Petalwink is a 400 year old flower fairy who lives in the third pear tree in Old Orchard in Newman Forest (in your backyard!). She is the title character in her fairy storybook series Good Things Come on Tiny Wings: The Adventures of Petalwink the Fairy® by Angela Sage Larsen. Petalwink has a big heart and good intentions (even though she sometimes makes mistakes, gets distracted, or forgets what she has to give). She is the mascot of a lit brand for children, especially girls aged 3-8, who, while maintaining the sense of spontaneity and whimsy that fairies typify, celebrates the innate sparkle, sweetness and innocence of childhood. Petalwink carries the message to girls to believe in themselves and in the greater good.

Petalwink is a GIFT:

Giving: Petalwink teaches girls how to love themselves and empower them to give to others;

Imagination: Involving Petalwink Pals by encouraging imagination and creativity with stories, interactive web site, fun innovative products that continue the Petalwink story in their own voice;

Faith: Petalwink encourages girls to believe in the greater good, in themselves and in their own potential;

Timelessness: Petalwink is a timeless concept based on friendship, adventure, loyalty, kindness, community service and individual expression, all of which outlive passing trends.

Petalwink has forest friends, fairy friends and human friends. In her first book, "Petalwink Learns to Fly," you'll meet Harry Bass, Francis Frog and Bliss Squiggle. In her second book, "Petalwink Comes in Second," you'll meet her fairy friends Willow & Whitney, the fairy twins, Felicia Fairy and June Bug (you can find out more about them on this site), as well as forest friend Mayor Malone. In her third book, "Petalwink Makes a Friend," you'll meet fairy friend Gordo and new human friend Lucy Lynn.