Forest Friends

Bliss Squiggle

Calm and Assured is how Problems are Cured

Attribute: Wise
Role/Function: Forest advisor
Personality traits: insightful, calm, judicious, discerning, clever
First response: Thoughtful

Francis Frog

As Eager to Please as he is to Eat Treats

Attribute: Toady
Role/Function: Chef; On a related note, controls the bug population
Personality traits: Eager to please, loyal, agreeable, hungry
First response: Can I come?

Harry Bass

“Schools” are for Conformists

Attribute: Free spirit
Role/Function: Peace-maker
Personality traits: progressive, open-minded, non-conformist
First response: Call for peace

Mayor Malone

Sometimes Leaders are the Biggest Needers

Attribute: Clueless
Role/Function: Mayor of Newman Forest
Personality traits: Unsure, tentative, undecided
First response: Ask for advice

Birdie Nuthatch

A Little Birdie Nuthatch Told me...

Attribute: Gossipy
Role/Function: Spreads the news
Personality traits: Nosy, spirited, maternal, proud
First response: Tell everyone

George Rabbit

To Get out of a Slump, You Gotta Give up the Grump
Attribute: Cantankerous
Role/Function: Maintains order
Personality traits: Suspicious, testy, grouchy, irritable, ultimately harmless
First response: Grumble

Belfry the Elf

Acting Stingy Makes Everything Seem Dingy

Attribute: Selfish
Role/Function: mooches off everybody else, bully
Personality traits: sneaky, lazy, deceitful, jealous, entitled
First response: Steal it from someone else