What Parents Are Saying

about Petalwink . . .

"Petalwink has traveled the last two days with us to the gym, pool, school, grandmother's house for dinner, a walk to the store and been read in most of those places, including at bedtime. "I'M GLAD TO BE ME!" my two young girls keep yelling, everywhere they go, throwing their hands up in the air with big smiles. My youngest would like to go to the salon with me soon and have her hair changed to purple and the older one would like a wand please. Looking forward to the next book!!!!!"

- M.L., Mother of 2 young girls

"Petalwink Learns To Fly is whimsically written in rhyme. The wonderful choice of words will expand your child’s vocabulary and will invite conversation about those new words. Every page is so beautifully illustrated that you will want to frame them and put them up on your little girl’s room wall! In today’s...I love that Petalwink is focusing on the sweet innocence and purity of Petalwink and little girls. Allowing them to use their imaginations, believe in themselves and ultimately empowering them to soar all on their own"

- M.R.L., Mother of 3

"My 4 year old loves this book and I love how multi-dimensional both the book and the web site are. I like to order a couple books and journals at a time so I can always have an original gift on hand for the next birthday party. Thanks for sharing Petalwink with us."

- K.S., Mother of 2 little boys

"This is such a great book! Not only is the artwork amazing but the story is one that truly inspires kids! The part I enjoyed the most was the interactive questions at the end of the book that allowed me to go over the lessons and morals the book presents. Can’t wait for the next one"

- R.S., Father of a 5 year old son

"The journal/diaries were a big success with both of the little girls I gave them to. Each uses it and one's mother says she goes around with it like a reporter!"

- M.K., Grandmother of 3

"WARNING: This book will cause its readers to smile with glee and to soar in thought. Overflowing with both humor and heart, this poetic and artistic masterpiece conveys a vitally uplifting message for children of all ages."

- B.H.

"Petalwink is just plain happy. Bright, clear and creative notecards and journals are perfect thank you gifts, graduation gifts, house warming gifts and "you are special" gifts. Great gifts to have extras on hand for the unexpected moment. The quality of paper and the bright colors are just fantastic. And the art work is an inspiration. Wow! What a quality product."

- K.H., Grandmother or 3

"I can't wait to tell everyone I know about the cute journal I just got. It has a darling painting of Petalwink on the cover and one on every page. The journal is so cute! As a matter of fact there are two journals and I couldnt make up my mind which to get so I got them both. The quality of the paper is so nice and at the back of the journal theres a page for writing "My Good Deeds". This is a wonderful gift for young girls. Graduation is coming up and I know what I'm going to give for gifts---a Petalwink journal."

- J.L., Grandmother of 6

"These journals are GREAT! All our kids had to have one (even our 10 year old boy!) - perfect for writing thoughts, drawing in, or recording lists. Every girl should have one for home, school, camp, etc."

- J.M., Father of 4