The Pretty on the Outside Shows the Beauty on the Inside

Felicia Fairy

Through the woods in the evening, when the fireflies flicker along your path, you may feel a presence, a calm peaceful feeling or a tickle of hope. You may start humming a tune you didn’t know you knew, take a deep breath, think of a loved one and say thanks for your life. Do you know what that is? That is the effect of Felicia Fairy’s presence.

Fairies see her, of course, but humans may not always realize her influence. She lives in Newman Forest, in Hollyhock Hollow near the Fairy Ring. She is a radiant little fairy with ruddy skin, smooth as a polished nut shell. Her strawberry-colored hair and elegant tulip petal skirt help her pose like a picturesque flower when you walk by. She expresses the beauty of nature in dance and song, often filling the breeze with the sound of the wind, or the sound of hope and promise (a sound humans can’t hear with their ears, but know it when they feel it). Her tiny dancing shoes, strapped on to her nimble feet with vine tendrils, kick and point with grace and her sublime lavender butterfly wings, iridescent and agile, flutter behind her like stage curtains.

Felicia always brings out the best in others, drawing them out and encouraging them to express themselves. She is responsible for the Annual Newman Forest Fun-Raising event, a festival with dancing, music and dramatic re-enactments of Newman Forest’s most noted historical events. When Felicia appears on the scene, you can expect her to bring out the beauty in everything around her.

Felicia is a seed fairy; she collects and manages all the seeds, nuts and kernels in the Forest, planting them or storing them for the spring. If there is an unexpected flower in your garden (a “volunteer”), Felicia probably planted it there. And if there is a tune that stays in your heart and puts a lilt in your step, she probably put that there, too.