The First Morning

Petalwink the Fairy: New Arrival

Hummingbirds are not known for patience. At their size and at their speed, the wait of the world is a long slow blur. This was especially true one very special morning, moments before the sun burst forth yellow and all was still a periwinkle calm. The barely-breeze was laden with jasmine, pine and dew. Some birds, the ones who were celebrating having gotten their worms, were already limber with singing.

One hummingbird hovered repeatedly over an unopened day-flower’s bud in Newman Forest. The morning glory’s soft furry tendrils fingered their way around twigs and young tree branches, every day reaching ever higher, pulling the plant closer to the sun so its happy faces could smile in the light.

This unopened bud seemed to hold such promise, the pearlescent green hummer couldn’t wait to be the first to taste its nectar. But there was something more about this one particular blossom, closed in a tight lustrous twirl of purple and pale green. It glowed from inside.

And then in a moment, in a soft flash of glory (like its name), the flower sprung open as the sun popped over a hill and the hummer drew back like a zipper. But he did not fly in for a sip, instead he chirped a twitter of approval and did a dance mid-air; in the center of the blue flower, stretching as if waking from a long nap, appeared a tiny radiant thing: ethereal and sweet, Petalwink the Fairy, herself the size of a hummingbird, appeared on the scene. Her glimmering periwinkle hair only a few inches long, yet reaching her waist, reflected the color of her resting place. Her tiny bug-like features, dainty and exquisite, were alert and expressive. Her iridescent aqua wings, like ornate poplar leaves, buzzed as quickly as the hummingbird’s in a blur of pale blue as she fluttered them awake.

Fairies like Petalwink, though without parents, are never orphans. They are born of joy, laughter and the delight of a child. Their very surroundings provides all that each forest resident could ever need: encouragement from a nodding flower, soft kisses from butterflies, lullabies from the crickets. Such was the case with Petalwink. Though she did not have parents as we think of parents, still she is parented with tender loving care. Her home, Newman Forest, is a place of possibility and promise; always in a season of renewal, glimmering with hope, color, and the radiance of sheer magic.

As Petalwink yawned and stretched and took in the sights, sounds and scents of the Forest, she very naturally made her way to the Fairy Ring at the heart of the forest in Violet Valley where the toadstools mingled with tiny viola plants. The Fairy Ring is a meeting place for fairies and their animal friends, a place of celebration and a place of introduction. There Petalwink was met by other fairies, frogs, birds and bugs and she felt she had always been home.

Morning heaved her gentle breath and caused leaves and feathers, petals and boughs, to whisper an invitation to celebrate. Fairies emerged as if from nowhere, each glimmering in a rainbow of colors, and as they converged on the fairy ring, it was as though the forest floor was a living bouquet. A lime green genteel Gardner snake with a silken neck tie, named Bliss Squiggle, slithered into his place; a cobalt-furred rabbit with overalls, grumpy George Rabbit, clomped out from a tangle of grass; Mayor Malone, a monocled emerald toad adjusted his vest; Birdie, an ostentatiously dressed nuthatch, whose chirp was as loud as her plumage, descended from above; a jade-hued diminutive frog with an orange and white polka-dot bow tie known as Francis leapt eagerly to attention, smacking his lips after swallowing a bug. Ladybugs came to light from the velvet underside of unfurled leaves and a gorgeous fat yellow and black striped honey bee with a cute hat hovered in a suspended drone above them all.

Petalwink the Fairy took her place in the center of the vibrant arena. Her purple and blue hair, fine as cobweb silk, fluttered near her tiny magenta rose-clothed waist. Her periwinkle skirt of fine vinca petals caught the rich morning light and glowed above her skinny green sprouts-for-legs. Yellow baby holly berries bejeweled her skirt and her sleeves. Her mini elfin shoes, coordinating with her petal skirt padded her feet. And in her hair, the tiniest pink daisy sat atop her green headband. Her pale skin, the color and quality of moonlight, glowed rosy at her cheeks and her movements were so quick and her eyes so bright, it was no wonder “wink” was part of her name. She was the blossoming of a flower, that magic moment of nature’s revelation.

She twirled and waved and the Forest unanimously broke out in a welcome chorus. Pixie dust as confetti fluttered all around and dewdrops made a slideshow of rainbows on every surface.

Petalwink the Fairy had arrived!