by Petalwink

I have a job to do,
but it's my pleasure, too.
I check on flowers & buds,
making blossoms out of duds.
Rain or shine, I make the rounds,
'til leaves are glossy and color abounds.

But today, like most
I got distracted from my post.
I first saw George Rabbit, grumpy & sad.
I asked after him, but that was bad--
(some want to be left to their shame,
and they might even target you for the blame!)
I think he was bored because he picked a fight
I tried my best to remain polite...

But thank goodness Bliss Squiggle arrived
and as usual, he helped peace to thrive.
Well, then I got chatting with Bliss
and listened to his wisdom and gentle hiss.
Then I spotted an acorn upside down
and thought it'd make a pretty neat crown.
I said good-bye to Bliss and George Rabbit
detoured again, as is my habit.

After buffing my crown with dandelion fluff,
I looked around for some sparkly stuff.
The sun turned pink as it started to set--
Oh no! the flowers! How soon I forget!
I dropped my crown and sped to the plants
On my way, I stopped to count an army of ants
(Bugville is like a circus of bugs!
snails, spiders, bees and big slugs!)

94, 106...oh, I can't count them all.
I must see those plants before nightfall.
As the moon crests, I find the scene.
But leaves are tucked in and all is serene.
I kiss the plants goodnight with a sigh
And sprinkle some fairy dust from up high.
I return to my nest and curl up to sleep,
dreaming of tomorrows and promises I'll keep.