Our Partners


Petalwink has partnered with the best in character education, Rising Star Education to publish and distribute her first picture book series, Good Things Come on Tiny Wings: The Adventures of Petalwink the Fairy. Emmy-award winning Rising Star Education is focused on creating and distributing the highest quality of audio, video, and print media resources that are fun, safe, classroom proven, and entertaining. Through their product lines they encourage children to build excellence in character, relationships, academics and making wise choices. Using creative storytelling, award winning animation, and kid-friendly support resources they provide the highest quality of media available to educators and the children they serve.



The St. Louis Children's Illustrated Art Museum is a hands-on museum built for children, featuring artists who are published in children's books.  Several original Petalwink watercolors are on display. The museum has other special exhibits, hosts field trips, even birthday parties and has many inspiring and educational opportunities!

The St. Louis Children's illustrated Art Museum began as a project to produce an illustrated journal for children, featuring works by artists published in children's books.  As the collection of donated artwork grew, it became clear that this treasure-trove of art should be shared with the community, and the Museum was born.

The  St. Louis Children's illustrated Art Museum is supported by the donations of artists, publishers, and the community.  The Museum is free to the public, and you are encouraged to visit!

The St. Louis Children's Illustrated Art Museum is located at
37 Crestwood Court,
Crestwood, MO 63126