About Three Trees, Inc.

Angela, Whit, and Three Trees, Inc.

Life and business partners Angela and Whit agreed to get married on the condition that their partnership would bless the world, even in some small way. They made the same agreement when they formed Three Trees, Inc. together in 2003. A lifelong artist and writer, Angela brings her imagination to life through Petalwink the Fairy, the first in their line of literary brands with a conscience for girls. While maintaining the sense of spontaneity and whimsy that fairies typify, Petalwink also embodies the sweetness and innocence of childhood. Through Three Trees, Inc., Angela and Whit have developed a character education brand that is anchored in Petalwink’s empowering positive message for girls to believe in themselves and the greater good as expressed in the picture story book series “Good Things Come on Tiny Wings: The Adventures of Petalwink the Fairy”®. The series is written in rhyme and illustrated in bright fanciful watercolors by Angela. Whit serves as business manager, head of customer care, and website manager.

They are thrilled to partner with the best in character education, Rising Star Education for the publishing and distribution to thousands of schools of Petalwink’s 7-book series. Emmy-award winning Rising Star Education is focused on creating and distributing the highest quality of audio, video, and print media resources that are fun, safe, classroom proven, and entertaining. Through their product lines they encourage children to build excellence in character, relationships, academics and making wise choices. Using creative storytelling, award winning animation, and kid-friendly support resources they provide the highest quality of media available to educators and the children they serve.

Books 1-4 in the Petalwink fairy book series are in print and available now, while books 5-7 are written, illustrated and going to print soon.

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The Petalwink brand encourages girls to believe in the greater good, in themselves, and in their own potential.

Angela & Whit

Angela & Whit