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"I'm Glad to be Me!"

Petalwink the Fairy is the winged mascot of her own book series for children, especially girls aged 3-8. In her books, written in rhyme and illustrated in bright watercolor washes by Angela Sage Larsen, Petalwink learns how to believe in herself and the greater good, how to be a good friend, how to be a graceful "loser," and how to socially navigate in her hometown of Newman Forest with a cast of quirky and appealing animal and fairy friends. Each book brings out a useful lesson while still maintaining the sense of spontaneity and whimsy that fairies typify and celebrating the innate sparkle, sweetness and innocence of childhood. Petalwink carries the message to girls to believe in themselves and in the greater good. Click here to purchase Petalwink books and products.

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Good Things Come on Tiny Wings: The Adventures of Petalwink the Fairy®

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