Open Letter

Ang and Petalwink

Dear Parents & Educators,

Petalwink the Fairy is the winged mascot of the sweetness, innocence and creativity of little girls. If girls grew up knowing their worth at an early age and never lost their sense of wonder, the world would be a better place. Petalwink represents a movement of girls and parents who know that the value of girls isn’t found in their physicality. She agrees with what little girls have a hunch is true: that they are worthy of being and doing good and they have the power to change the world. Girls recognize themselves in her. At the heart of Petalwink, is not only the reminder to value ourselves, but to allow service to others to be the natural overflow of that gratitude.

Because she’s a fairy, Petalwink invites imagination and adventure. Through the vibrant and colorful story book pages, little girls being read to or just learning to read, journey with Petalwink as she looks to her friends for help and encouragement, but ultimately learns to own the important lessons learned. The storybook series incorporates humor, fresh design and delightful color.

As we have worked on the Petalwink concept, we’ve developed and polished Petalwink’s story line and distilled her message to Giving, Imagination, Faith and Timelessness. We saw how each of her fairy friends embodied characteristics that girls identify with. June Bug’s desire to have the answers and be the “smart one;” Willow & Whitney’s need to turn everything into a game or competition; Felicia Fairy’s creative touch makes everything more beautiful; Gordo has an insatiable hankering for adventure. Each character has a full and interesting personality to complement Petalwink’s. Newman Forest, Petalwink’s magical world, sets the stages for her adventures.

“I’m glad to be me!” hundreds of kids have shouted over the past few years. Every time I read the story out loud to a group, I request the audience to exclaim with her the message of Petalwink Learns to Fly. The children delight in letting the world know they’re pleased with who they are. We’ve had parents contact us and say that since reading story, their child now frequently bursts out with “I’m glad to be me!” for no reason at all. What sweeter sound is there? We hope you will enjoy getting to know Petalwink and her world a little better in her storybooks and on these pages. May you join with Petalwink and the growing chorus of her fans in declaring “I’m glad to be me!”

Fairy best,
Ang signature